Pablo's Journey

Join Pablo the puppy as he meets his new family, completes puppy preschool and visits the vet for the very first time.

You'll travel through the experience with Pablo as he is microchipped, vaccinated and is prepared with everything a puppy needs to thrive in the big, wide world.

Intro to series

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Pablo meets his family

1st vet visit

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Pablo graduates from puppy preschool

2nd vet visit

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Puppy timeline. What to expect when caring for your brand new puppy

6 weeks

1st puppy vaccination

The first puppy vaccination usually occurs with the breeder at 6 weeks of age. Puppies should be wormed every 2 weeks until they are 12 weeks of age. This vaccination takes 7-10 days to take effect

8 weeks

Time for a new home

Puppies should stay with their mum until at least 8 weeks of age to give time for their 1st vaccination to take effect and to help with social skills . Worming is due.

9 weeks

Start puppy preschool

Puppies socialisation period starts at 3 weeks and goes until 12 weeks. During this period they should be socialised as much as possible as safely as possible. Positive experiences during this time have a lasting effect on your pup for life. Pups should have had their 1st vaccination and be healthy to attend puppy preschool.

10 weeks

Vaccination is due

Puppies need repeated vaccinations particularly for parvovirus. Some puppies have antibodies from their mum which stops the vaccination from working. Most pups have lost this immunity at 10 weeks and the vaccination will now work. Worming is due again.

12 weeks

Start parasite control

  • Start using Simparica Flea and Tick Control monthly.
  • Worming is due and is done monthly until 6 months.
  • The annual Heartworm injection is started now. It reaches back and protects them from birth through to 6 months of age

16 weeks

Final puppy vaccination

Pups should be 16 weeks or older when they receive their final vaccination. This ensures that yours is one of the few pups to have not responded to previous vaccinations (because they still had high circulating maternal antibodies) they will be protected.

20 weeks

Desexing, worming, flea & tick

Use Cazitel and Simparica to protect against fleas and ticks. Consider desexing at this age (discuss the advised age for individuals with your vet)

24 weeks

6 month checkup

6 months is the perfect age for puppies to have their 1st annual health check with the veterinarian. Developmental issues such as hernias and abnormal tooth development can be detected at this time with a simple physical examination. Long-lasting (3 year protection) vaccination can be given for Distemper, Parvovirus and hepatitis, the annual heartworm injection and worming and flea and tick control can be given. Worming is now given every 3 months for life.

My Companion Puppy

Tell us about your puppy and we'll let you know everything you need.

Everything for your family puppy

Puppy Health Check Special

All required vaccinations, parasite treatment and health checks for pups from 10-12 weeks

Puppy Preschool

Socialisation while your pup is young is critical to ensuring they fit into your family environment and feel confident to deal with challenges throughout their life.


Growth is a critical time for your puppy. What they eat now is really important and can prevent a lot of problems down the track


Identify your puppy and ensure they'll be returned to you if they get lost


Prevent unwanted puppies, behavioural issues and some types of cancer

Pet Insurance

Help insure you can afford the best treatment if things go wrong

My Companion Puppy

Tell us about your puppy and we'll let you know everything you need.